Job Lister guide

How do I Upload a post / vacancy ?

Step 1

You have to register

Go to our website

Click on the Vacancy image on the home page of the website

The Vacancy website will open
Click on Register (top right) of the page that appears


The Register page will open

Choose a username for yourself and type it in
Type in your email address
Choose a password for yourself and type it in
Click on the Job Lister button
Answer the question

The following page will open – you have registered successfully

Step 2

Click on “Log in here” to Log in and continue with the process


The Log in page will now open


Type in your username
Type in your password
Answer question
Click on LOG IN
The following page will open – notice that you are now logged in (top right)



Step 3

Click on POST A JOB


The following page will open
Please note you will have to add at least one company in order to post a job.


Step 4

Click on Click here as instructed.
The following page will open
Fill in the details of your school and click on submit



The following page will open – Item has been submitted and will be visible after admin approval. (allow maximum of one day)



Step 5

After admin approval visit SAOU website (
Click on Vacancy image on home page
Click on LOG INN
Click on POST A JOB
This page will open
Complete all the fields and Submit
Your Vacant Post (Job) will be submitted to the web administrator who will then process and load it.  (Please allow a maximum of one day loading time)



Please note – only Job Listers can view resumes.  If you are registered as a Job Seeker you will not be able to view resumes.

How do I Edit my profile or the post that I uploaded?

Make sure that you are Logged In
Click on the arrow next to your profile name
Click on Dashboard to edit the post
Click on Profile to edit your profile